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I am working to develop open environments for people to experience, create and engage with cultural content.

Digital media and information network technologies have expanded our modes of accessing, exchanging and experiencing content. They have also emerged as powerful tools for shaping environments, where content conveyed in multiple formats is capable of influencing the perceived form and function of an environment. As a result, cultural content and their supporting environments are freed from the limits of physical proximity and traditional form.

My aim is to use the architectural capacities of digital media and information network technologies in re‐thinking the function and form of cultural institutions to better support society today. Beyond individual places for experiencing and interacting with cultural content, cultural institutions as environments, are ideally part of a greater cultural infrastructure comprised of accessible places, data and people that can be distributed across diverse communities to support a culture of creativity.

My goal is to develop an approach to creating open environments for culture that are based on this aim, with a focus on conditions and localities where conventional forms of cultural institution are impractical or even inappropriate.