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web_kyodai museum exhibit

X‐Ray Exhibition at Kyoto University Museum, Kyoto, Japan

Exhibition and Interactive Exhibit Designer with Shinsaku Munemoto & Assoc., Architects
An exhibition on the history of X‐ray technology with hands‐on exhibits meant to engage both specialists and the general public. The highest grossing exhibition for the museum in its history.



web_community roof a

web_community roof b

Community Roof Competition for Community Gathering Spaces

Independent Competition Entry
Japan’s shotengai—covered shopping arcades serve as commercial centers for local communities. While many are still vibrant, others have degraded as the aging population closes their shops. This proposal seeks to revitalize the shotengai by integrating public gathering spaces into the declining commercial street corridors. The architecture enhances this historic urban precedent, using the roof as a framework to re‐shape the streetscape with alternative forms of civic cultural spaces.



web_ycam osmosis

OSMOSIS: Community Cafe and Cultural Space
Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media Life by Media Competition, Yamaguchi, Japan

Independent Competition Entry
This entry proposes information networks to be used as a bridge to diffuse the cultural activities of Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media into the city spaces of Yamaguchi and vice versa. Through this digital osmosis, media and information from YCAM integrate into the urban fabric of the city to transform everyday spaces into impromptu public room for people to experience, interact and engage with each other through the medium of culture and art.



web_kirihata a

web_kirihata b

Midori Building, Shijo Street, Kyoto, Japan

Project Architect, Concept and Design Development with Shinsaku Munemoto & Assoc., Architects
The planted facade of this project introduces a vertical green space into the main shopping street of the city’s downtown core. The project sets a precedent for Kyoto in using the built context to minimize the heat island effect. The green roof plaza translates the traditional language of the inner garden in Japan into a modern typology.




EFEO Research Institute, Kyoto Branch, Winning Competition Entry

Project Architect with Shinsaku Munemoto Assoc., Architects
A small research facility located on a constrained site. The competition called for an environmentally conscious design that responds to the local climate and culture.




Armstrong Place Affordable Housing Community, South San Francisco, California

Architect on Design Team at David Baker and Partners
A multi‐family housing community coupled with an adjacent senior housing community designed around a central shared green space. Ground level spaces accomodate social services to support residents with living spaces on the upper levels. Emphasis is placed on designing spaces that support community pride while making the most of affordable materials.
Golden Nugget Award Winning Project


web_phili a

web_phili b1

Multi‐Generational Cultural Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Graduate Student Work, University of Virginia, MArch Program
A competition for a multi‐use, multi‐generational complex. The proposal builds on the growing arts community in Philadelphia and in particular the mural arts program that worked with communties to create large scale murals in neighborhoods with little civic infrastructure or economic means. Art was able to transform perceptions of overlooked public spaces and the supporting arts programs provided cultural enrichment for both young and old.